How to Henna your Hair

How to Henna your Hair has step-by-step instructions for first time users dyeing hair blonde, red, brunette or black with henna indigo, and cassia.

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Index of specific topics in this chapter:

Page 3: How Do You Henna Your Hair for the First Time?

Page 7: Use an Ancient Sunrise® Cassia-Henna Mix to Repair Bleached Hair and Add Color

Page 13: Apply Ancient Sunrise® Cassia for Conditioning and Minimal Color Change

Page 19: Apply Ancient Sunrise® Henna to Bleached Hair

Page 23: Dye Hair Warm Black with a One Step Henna-Indigo Mix Over Chemically Dyed Graying Blonde

Page 42: Henna Chemically Dyed Hair

Page 48: Dye Graying Light Brown Hair Black with the Two-Step Henna-Indigo Process