Henna and Acidic Mixes

In Henna and Acidic Mixes you will learn about the necessary chemistry of mixing henna and cassia with a mildly acidic liquid. This chapter discusses several sources of fruit acids, and how each has a different effect on henna.

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Index of specific topics in this chapter:

Page 3: Henna, Cassia, and Mildly Acidic Mixes

Page 5: Citrus Fruits and Citric Acid

Page 7: Ancient Sunrise® Amla, Emblica Officinalis

Page 8: Acids with Anthocyanins and Antioxidants

Page 11: Ancient Sunrise® Kristalovino and Ancient Sunrise® Malluma Kristalovino

Page 13: What Acids Do You Have Around the House?

Page 14: Coffee, Wine, Yogurt, Oil and Eggs: Don’t Bother